3820 126th Street
Flushing, NY 11368

718.310.5580 or Toll Free 855.802.6929

Driving Directions

Parking spaces are available at Citi Field©.  While parking is free on non-game days, game day and event parking is subject to normal Citi Field game day parking fees and policies.  Go to for prices and more information.


Children's Policy at the Amway Business Center - NY
At Amway, we are committed to supporting our IBOs grow their business. While we pride ourselves as being a family centered company, we also recognize the need to provide the appropriate environment for our IBOs to conduct their business operations. To this end, we will be making changes to our children's policy at the Amway Business Center in New York.

Children are welcome at the Center up until 6pm Monday - Friday. Beginning Jan 1, 2016, after 6pm Monday - Friday and Weekends, the Center will be reserved for IBOs and prospects only.

We ask that Children under the age of 16 be supervised at all times by a responsible adult and that the child remains with the adult. Children that are disruptive to the business operations at hand will be asked to leave the Center.

This policy change has been necessitated due to the recent business growth at the Center and our desire to provide an environment that is conducive to IBO business operations to support this growth.

Telephone Number Change
The phone number for the New York Amway Business Center has been changed to the following:
Toll Free: 1-855-802-6929
Local NYC: 1-718-310-5580

The old number (1-800-253-6500) will be discontinued as of January 31, 2016.

Parking is now available in LOT A. Please do not park in front of the Business Center or in LOT G.
Parking spaces are now available in Lot A at Citi Field on non-game days at no cost to you. However, game day parking is subject to normal Citi Field game day parking fees and policies. Therefore, you only pay when the Mets are playing.

Customized Experience
First time visitors at the Amway Business Center please ask any of our Team members to create a personalized experience for you!! We often have samples to share with our guests!!

Children visiting the Amway Business Center
All children under the age of 12 visiting the Amway Business Center must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Unattended children and their parents/guardians may be asked to leave the facility.

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